The [Grown-up] Girl Scout Pledge


Girl Scouts-Photo Credit: Joyner Library

Whether or not you grew up in the Girl Scouts, you’ve probably heard the Scout Pledge at least once in your life. You know… On My Honor, I Will Try, to…well, basically be fearless and fantastic?

Those were the days of sugary innocence, when you delved into day-camp and then couldn’t get “Make New Friends” out of your head, or when the Christmas ornament (which you hand-made by drenching it in red glitter) was the gift you couldn’t wait to give. And who could forget the cookies that you ran around the neighborhood selling, hyped up on Thin Mints and the prospect of winning a Lisa Frank sticker sheet?

But even though we look back and chuckle at all of that childhood innocence, I’ve discovered that our inner Girl Scouts have a lot to teach our adult-selves. In fact, those young’uns were at the pinnacle of becoming the perfect ladies, but somewhere down the road (culprit: middle school) many of us forgot about the songs, the friendship bracelets, and the mantras about loving ourselves regardless of weight or perceived rate of coolness (apparently watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and learning the art of self-deprecation through body-slamming comes later in life).

The proof of our evolving-selves is all over, as we see reality T.V. behavior seep into every corner of our culture. Don’t you think our inner Girl Scouts would frown if they saw us “cutting out” our best childhood friend, who we claim to have suddenly “grown out of?” Or how about when our inner-Scout sees us pinch our stomach fat the morning after a night of Screwdrivers and Sliders (I mean, you can’t have a night of fun with friends and achieve Victoria Beckham hotness-status. Duh.) Or how about when we let Mr. Suit-and-Tie tell us that we aren’t bold enough to spear-head the next presentation at work, and then we just complain about it to our friends (probably as we snowball into another night of Screwdrivers and Sliders)?

I know we’re not guilty of making every single one of these nauseating mistakes, but I also know that none of us are innocent either—at least not the sort of innocence that our former scrunchie-wearing selves would approve of. So here’s the new pledge, The Grown-up Girl Scout Pledge, that all women should post on their bathroom mirrors (and yes, that might mean taking down the “inspirational” photo of Jillian Michael’s abs that you torture yourself with every morning.):

On my honor, I will try:

  • To be honest with myself when assessing my personal skills (Don’t let the barista job you got because of the sinking economy make you feel like you can’t be the career-woman you dreamed of becoming.) Despite what you’re told, just because your skills don’t fall into a LinkedIn category doesn’t mean they aren’t real.
  • To be friendly to the guy in the bar who just flirted with you for fifteen minutes and then asked for your friend’s phone number. Yes, it’s a bummer, but maybe he’s shy and this is his first time ever experiencing human contact. Besides, if we’ve learned anything from Carrie and Mr. Big, it’s that love really is out there. With a lot of patience.
  • To be considerate when you get married and are tempted to require your Maid-of-Honor to wear something even tackier than the teal, taffeta dress she made you wear in her wedding. Trust me, the only victim would be you, when it looks like you’re standing next to Snuffleupagus in your wedding photos.
  • To be courageous when you ask for the raise you know you deserve at work. If your boss doesn’t give it to you, watch Office Space as a guide for what to do next.
  • To be responsible for making your life exactly what you want it to be, even if it means taking tremendous risks. Always wanted to be a world traveler? Pack a bag, get to the airport, and take the first plane outta town. (Hint: if the next plane is to Oklahoma, grab a cup of coffee and wait an hour.)
  • To respect this double dark-chocolate brownie by refusing to look at the calorie count (and reminding yourself that you are fabulous regardless of a number).
  • To use resources to move up the corporate latter, even though it feels like a boy’s club every time you walk into the office.

So go put on your (imaginary) sash, make your mark in the world, and show your former Scout-self that you haven’t given up on the Pledge you were sworn to. And if you make some mistakes along the way and feel defeated by end of the week? Well, that’s why you bought a year’s supply of Thin Mints to gorge on.

A Girl Scout knows to always be prepared.

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Writer in my real life, Milton in my work life. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

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  1. Alas, I was only a Brownie and then we moved. I never made it into Girl Scouts but I think merit badges for being the best we can be as individuals would be much appreciated. I like the new pledge you came up with, and I especially enjoy Thin Mint cookies.

  2. I really enjoyed this. Yes, I was a brownie and then a girl scout and I remember selling cookies door-to-door and going on weekend camping trips where we had to pitch our tents, dig a latrine and build a keyhole fire pit to cook our meals on. This really does take me back and the “be prepared” slogan, who can ever forget that?


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

    I got kicked out of Brownies and I do not even remember my infraction. I’m trying to give my life a little more direction. I hope it is not too late.

  4. Nicely said. On my honor I will try to abide by those grown up laws! Silver and gold…

  5. I never was a Brownie or a Girl Scout, but I remember the uniform and the different things they made. Great post! I can relate to so many of your pledges.

    On my honor, I will try to be considerate to society by not join another pole dancing class.

    I’m sure you abide by all your pledges. Take care.

  6. Super post! As a former Girl Scout I found to be inspiring to reminded that lessons learned from being part of the Girl Scouts should not be limited to memories of selling cookies. Unfortunate that I have not maintained my friendships with my girl scout troop

  7. I’ve suddenly got the urge for Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies!

  8. Great list. Office Space rules.
    My best friend made me wear peach…and flat shoes. But I still love her.

    • Haha, you poor thing…I don’t know how there is a whole industry based around tacky bridesmaid dresses! I love looking at my mom’s bridesmaid photos from 30 years ago…they all had hoods…it’s shameful! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Great point of view on life! thank you 🙂 for sharing what we often overlook as women 😉

  10. Never made it even out of Brownies. I let my maid pick her own dress. She chose to make it herself. I always ran with a creative crew.

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